Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is an adaptive artificial-intelligence based assessment and learning system that determines the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s mathematical knowledge in real time, reports its findings to the student, and provides the student with a learning environment for improving this knowledge to an appropriate level for course placement.

The ALEKS Math Assessment ensures students’ readiness for particular courses at Loyola, so that students begin in the mathematics course most likely to lead to success. All first-year university students without appropriate AP/IB/transfer credit in mathemetics are required to take the assessment. Transfer students are required to take the assessment unless they transfer in a college-level (i.e., not developmental) math course with a minimum grade of C.  

Students will not be permitted to take a course unless they have demonstrated readiness. After completing the initial assessment, which takes approximately 2-3 hours, students who wish to improve their skills may use the included learning modules and retake the exam. Students who do not complete the assessment in one sitting will have 48 hours to complete it before the assessment is reset.

Take the Assessment

To take the assessment, log in to LORA and go to the Student Schedule tab, then click ALEKS Math Placement.

Students need to demonstrate readiness for their scheduled courses via ALEKS assessment prior to registering for courses that require a college-level math prerequisite.  Online students may take the ALEKS assessment after returning the Intent to Enroll form and confirming a funding plan is in place. Online students are encouraged to complete the assessment as soon as possible and before the end of their second session.  

Once you login to ALEKS, you will have access to the assessments and learning modules for 6 months. You must complete the first placement assessment before you are able to access the prep and learning modules because ALEKS must determine your individual knowledge state before it can build your learning path in the modules.

Understand Your Score

ALEKS scores cannot be interpreted in the same way as exam grades. Scores of 46 or higher reflect adequate preparation for college-level math. Students scoring below that mark will be required to take the developmental math course Math A092 Fundamentals of Algebra. Credit earned in this course is not applicable toward a degree, but the grade earned in this course is calculated into the grade point average.

Science/Math Majors

ALEKS Score Placement
0-45 Math A092 Fundamentals of Algebra
46-75 Math A118 Pre-calculus
76-100 Math A257 Calculus I

Non-Science/Non-Math Majors

ALEKS Score Placement
0-45 Math A092 Fundamentals of Algebra
46-75 Math T122 Math Models or

Math A115 Finite Mathematics

76-100 Exemption: Math T122 or Math A115

Entering students demonstrating a sufficiently high level of readiness may receive exemption, depending on their degree program. This exemption is for the course only. Three hours will be added to the general elective requirement.

Improve Your Score

You will not be permitted to take a course that is above your readiness level. If you want to place into a higher-level course, you are encouraged to use the ALEKS learning modules to improve your skills and retake the assessment. You must qualify for a course before scheduling it.

You may retake the assessment up to three more times (four total attempts) after using the learning modules. The vast majority of students improve their scores on each subsequent assessment. According to ALEKS national statistics, students who spend 10-15 hours in a learning module reviewing math topics show the greatest gains. Students who use the learning modules can see a 5-7 point increase from their first assessment.

You must wait 48 hours between assessments and spend at least 5 hours using the learning modules before taking each subsequent assessment.

To access the learning modules, return to the ALEKS Math Assessment:  Log in to LORA / Student Schedule tab / ALEKS Math Placement. Follow the ALEKS Math Assessment link to return to the ALEKS Assessment. Click the Start button in the Improve your knowledge in a Prep and Learning Module box to begin or return to a learning module.

ALEKS will direct you to the module that will allow you to make the most immediate gains in skills. Once a learning module is started,  you may continue to access the module for up to six months. Online students have access to ALEKS for six months to complete assessments and study using the learning modules.  After that, you may choose to purchase additional access to ALEKS for $25.00 for six months. ALEKS monitors student progress and sets deadlines for continuing access to learning modules and retests.

Examination Credit

Students with appropriate examination credit or exemption are not required to take the ALEKS Math Assessment. For specific credit by exam and score, please consult Academic Credit and Placement.

Disability Accommodations

This is not a timed test. The assessment will ask up to 30 questions. You may take as long as you need to answer the questions, as long as the assessment is completed within 48 hours of starting.

If you need accommodations, please contact the Office of Disability Services at (504) 865-2990.


If you encounter a technical issue within ALEKS, contact ALEKS Customer Support:

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Sunday, 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

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Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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