Online Tuition and Fees

Loyola’s online degree programs allow you the flexibility to choose a course load that works with your schedule and your budget.

The full cost of your online program will depend on:

  1. The program in which you are enrolled (see tuition rates below), and
  2. The number of required credits remaining before you are eligible to graduate. You may be eligible to apply transfer credits towards your degree requirements. Check with your Academic Advisor and review your degree program course list (DPCL) to review your remaining degree requirements.

All online students are charged by the credit hour. Most, but not all, of Loyola’s online courses are 3 credit hours each. The number of credits you enroll for each semester will determine your tuition charges.

Program Cost per credit hour Part-time fees/semester* Full-time fees/semester*
All Undergraduate Programs $450 $112.50 $225
Nursing Graduate (MSN + DNP) $818 $112.50 $225
Loyola Institute of Ministry + Religious Education Graduate $409 $112.50 $225
All Other Graduate Programs $818 $112.50 $225

*Session and semester charges are for tuition and fees only. Books and course materials are NOT included. The average cost of books and materials per class is $100-$150. Additional fees may apply. All graduating students are assessed a one-time $300 commencement fee.

Enrollment Status

Your enrollment status is determined by the number of credits you choose to enroll for each semester, across all sessions within the semester. You will be billed by the session for the number of credits and fees based on your enrollment status in the session.

Enrollment Status Credits/Semester (Undergraduate) Credits/Semester (Graduate)
Less than half-time 1-5 1-2
Half-time* 6-8 3-5
Three-quarter time 9-11 n/a
Full-time 12 or more 6 or more

*Half-time enrollment is required for all students to be eligible for disbursements of any federal student loans.

Tuition, Fees, and Expense Planner

In order to help you better understand and plan for the cost of your Loyola education, we’ve created a calculator that you can use to estimate the cost of your tuition, as well as potential fees and expenses.

Download Expense Planner