What’s next for your nursing career?

The demand for nurses is expected to grow 16% from 2016-2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For nurses with advanced degrees and specializations, the projection nearly doubles to a staggering 31%. To prepare nurses for these high-demand, specialized positions, Loyola University New Orleans offers a 100% online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. This accredited, online MSN program educates nurses to provide effective and cost-efficient care, as well as take on leadership roles to improve and extend healthcare delivery to specific populations.

Loyola’s nationally recognized online nursing master’s program offers three tracks to prepare nurses for in-demand careers as Family Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Leaders & Administrators and  Nurse Informaticist. There are also three different paths to the MSN degree based on whether a student is entering the program with an associate or diploma in nursing, a BSN degree, or a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. Read on to learn more about the different options Loyola offers to help you leverage your past education and find the best route to the career you’ve always wanted.

Earn a highly specialized degree from a top program.

Loyola’s online MSN program has three career-focused tracks, equipping graduates with the expertise and credentials needed to take on new opportunities in healthcare.

Family Nurse Practitioner Track

The MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) track develops your advanced nursing skills so you can provide evidence-based, holistic care to individuals, families, and populations across the health continuum. The Family Nurse Practitioner track consists of 48 credit hours and 720 hours of supervised practicum. All courses are provided online, except for supervised practicum work, which is completed in a state in which the student is licensed to practice. Students attend an on-campus conference each spring.

Courses in the Family Nurse Practitioner track include:

  • Advanced Pathophysiology
  • Primary Care of Adults & Women’s Health
  • Primary Care Pediatrics

Visit the curriculum page for a full list of Family Nurse Practitioner courses and course descriptions.

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Healthcare Systems Administration & Leadership Track

The MSN-Healthcare Systems Administration & Leadership (HSAL) track is designed to train nurses to be efficient and effective leaders in a wide range of healthcare settings. Utilizing a systems approach to leadership in healthcare, the HSAL concentration covers a range of topics from population health to workforce management and measurement of key performance indicators.  The HSAL track consists of 36 credit hours and a 180-hour practicum.

Courses in the Healthcare Systems Administration & Leadership track include:

  • Population Health Management
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
  • Human Resource Management

Visit the curriculum page for a full list of Healthcare Systems Administration & Leadership courses and course descriptions.

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Nursing Informatics Track

The MSN-Nursing Informatics (NI) track focuses on skills needed for managing patient data and privacy in an increasingly complex data environment. It will develop your understanding of the relationship between patient health records and how they help drive large-scale healthcare initiatives—all while you learn to ensure data collection and management processes are secure and consistent across your organization. The program requires 36 credit hours and a 6-credit Nursing Informatics Practicum in which you’ll gain hands-on experience at a preceptor location.

Courses in the Nursing Informatics track include:

  • Principles of Nursing Informatics
  • Management of Data Systems
  • Clinical Information Systems

See the full list of Nursing Informatics courses and course descriptions.

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Find your path to the MSN.

Loyola offers three degree paths that leverage your current education and training to create the fastest path to the MSN.

RN to MSN (MSN Bridge)

This program, also known as the “MSN Bridge” program, is designed for students who are entering with a diploma or an associate degree in nursing and an undergraduate degree in a non-nursing field. This program is a “fast track” to the MSN, in which students earn the MSN without earning a terminal BSN. (Students will receive a BSN equivalency.)

RN to BSN & MSN (Combined Degree)

This program is designed for active RNs who have not earned a bachelor’s degree in any subject and would like to earn both the BSN and MSN degrees. Students who plan on pursuing careers as nurse educators might consider this option, as a BSN is a common requirement in many teaching programs for nurses. At the successful completion of this specially arranged undergraduate curriculum, you will be awarded your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and be eligible to pursue your MSN in one concentration: Healthcare Systems Administration & Leadership.

Pursuing the RN to MSN option rather than earning a traditional BSN followed by a traditional MSN shortens the overall credit hours required by six credit hours (two courses). You may transfer up to 64 credit hours from a two-year institution and up to 90 total credit hours.


This program is designed for students who have already earned the BSN and are looking to earn the MSN.

Flexible online courses, taught by experts.

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) track consists of 48 credit hours and 720 hours of supervised practicum.

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The Healthcare Systems Administration and Leadership (HSAL) track consists of 36 credit hours and a 180-hour practicum.

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The Nursing Informatics (NI) track consists of 36 credit hours.

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Apply in 3 easy steps.

We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve made applying to Loyola’s online programs as simple as possible. Follow these three steps to start on a path that will transform your career and your life.

Step 1: Talk to us.

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Step 3: Submit your documents.

An enrollment specialist will help you determine exactly which documents you need to submit and will even help you get your transcripts from past institutions!

In addition to the standard graduate application requirements, Doctor of Nursing Practice program applicants must submit a two-page type-written, double-spaced essay addressing three areas:

  1. A description of the applicant’s goals for doctoral study
  2. Research translation area of interest for the scholarly project
  3. Career goals

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