Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

See the big picture and improve it

The online BBA in Management provides broad coverage of all of the essential functional areas of business through the Business Core, as well as a deep dive through the Major requirements into the challenges facing managers and business leaders in a variety of organizations.

Management majors learn strategic planning, interpersonal negotiation, problem-solving, and resource management skills. Management has the broadest scope of all business disciplines—which translates into career flexibility. With a management major and your general business preparation in areas such as accounting, finance, and marketing, you’ll be prepared to become a successful business leader or visionary entrepreneur in any industry or organizational setting.

In the Ignatian tradition, the mission of the College of Business is to provide a superior values-laden education that motivates and enables our students to become effective and socially responsible business leaders. We strive to contribute quality research, serve local and intellectual communities, and graduate students who possess critical thinking skills and courage to act justly in a global business environment.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn how to formulate a strategic vision for a company by looking first at the big picture. You’ll then discover how to organize and direct resources to make that vision a reality. Though this can be fairly complex, your online business degree will give you the skills you need to carry it out efficiently and successfully.

Included Coursework

All business students complete a core curriculum that explores topics in economics, marketing, finance, and accounting. Additionally, you’ll take management-specific classes, enroll in electives that interest you, and complete an internship. Below, we’ve highlighted a few courses you’ll encounter in our program.


This course examines the entrepreneurial process, from opportunity recognition to the funding and growth of a new enterprise. Students review case studies and engage in group projects to understand the development of successful ventures and how to begin from scratch. Throughout the course, students assemble a comprehensive toolkit for prospective entrepreneurs that facilitates careful planning and promotes long-term success in any venture.

Human Resources Management

This course focuses on current issues in human resource management in both the private and public sectors. Topics include civil service systems, labor relations, manpower, planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, training, appraisal, compensation, benefits, job evaluation, and personnel systems evaluation.

Leadership and Team Building

This course examines leadership as a process of influencing others toward the achievement of organizational goals. The process functions through complex interactions among the leader, relevant followers, and shared situations. This course introduces students to current research and methodology relating to each of the three components of leadership, in the role of developing effective teamwork.

International Management

This course explores the complexities of managing an international business, such as complying with multiple countries’ advertising regulations and navigating political, economic, and cultural differences between nations. As part of their coursework, students complete exercises, engage in class discussions, complete supplementary readings, and participate in group research projects.

Managerial Decision Making

This course provides students with the diagnostic and analytical tools and skills necessary to make informed decisions in managerial capacities. Students complete a culminating project requiring skills in diagnostics, design modeling, data collection and analysis in addition to managerial skills like planning, organization, and leadership.

Portfolio Career Program

This is a comprehensive professional career development program required of all Loyola College of Business students. Portfolio consists of 4 non-credit sequential courses that engage students in the development of professional skills designed to help students successfully transition from college to careers. Course concepts include career exploration, building a personal brand, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, networking, internship preparation and search, and job search.

Each session will last 15 weeks. Students must enroll one time for each 30 credit hours accrued. A $150 fee will be assessed for each of the courses.