Niche ranked 2nd Best Colleges for Psychology in Louisiana

Loyola was recently ranked the 2nd Best College for Psychology in Louisiana by Niche.


Known as one of the most popular degrees on campus, Loyola University New Orleans now offers its highly-respected psychology program in a convenient online format. Designed for students seeking flexibility without sacrificing prestige, our 100% online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree provides both a liberal arts foundation and specific expertise in human behavior, include how individuals think, act, and relate to others.

This online psychology bachelor’s program offers the same academic rigor as its on-campus counterpart and is taught by the same faculty, who are experts in fields such as cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, and social and personality psychology. The program encourages students to approach psychology as a scientific discipline, evaluating, inquiring, and analyzing psychological and behavioral issues to make sound judgments. The online psychology courses are structured with working adults in mind, enabling students to study while maintaining personal and professional commitments.

Program Requirements

Loyola’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology consists of 120 credit hours taken as follows:

  • 18 hours of Psychology Major courses
  • 18 hours of Psychology elective courses
  • 39 hours of Loyola Core courses
  • 45 hours of general electives

Major courses include:

  • Social Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Statistics and Methods

For a full list of courses and course descriptions, visit the curriculum page. You can also download the degree program course listing (DPCL) to view program requirements in a helpful worksheet format.

About the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences serves as the anchor of the Loyola academic experience and provides all students with a foundation in knowledge through teaching and scholarship within and across the liberal arts and sciences.

Providing a holistic education rooted in Jesuit tradition, the College prepares students to lead meaningful lives with and for others; to appreciate and contribute to global cultures; to think critically and make decisions for the common good; and to have a commitment to the Ignatian belief of a life of justice and service to others.

About the Department of Psychological Sciences

By exposing Loyola students to psychology as a scientific discipline, the Department of Psychological Sciences provides the foundation by which they may make sound judgments, evaluate diverse issues and positions, and develop competencies essential to inquiry, analysis, and communication.

The department strives to cultivate in students skills of critical reasoning, discernment, and argumentation as essential to scientific literacy. In recognizing the need for innovative approaches to education, the department provides opportunities for students to build on academic experiences through the use of community-engaged courses, practicum/internship courses and field experiences, laboratory and research experiences, and independent, student-designed courses of study.